Ms. Ruth Erlbeck.

Curriculum Vitea 


Name: Erlbeck, Ruth 




04/1980 - 09/1983: 

Collaborator of the Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation in „Adult 
education in Latin America“ for Ecuador, Colombia and Panama; 



10/1983 - 03/1986: 

Coordinator for programs of household energy in the Deutsche 
Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) in Eschborn, 



03/1986 – 03/1993 

GIZ Desk officer in Head Office/Eschborn/Germany for the 
northern part of Latin America and the Caribbean; 



4/1993 - 02/1996: 

GIZ Project Manager of the Project „Micro-, small- and medium 
enterprise promotion” in Nicaragua; 


03/1996 – 12/97 

Manager of the Policy Department of the German Development 
Service (DED) in Berlin, Germany; 


12/98 – 05/2006 

GIZ Project Manager „Promotion of Low-cost Housing” in 



06/2006 to 01/2013 

GIZ Program Director of the “Integrated Urban Development, 
Program” in Mongolia; 


02/2013 to 06/2019 

GIZ Project Manager of the regional “Integrated Resource 
Management in Asian Cities: the urban Nexus Project” in 
Bangkok, Thailand. 

07/2019 to date

GIZ Program Director to the "National Solid Waste Management Program" in Egypt
Cluster Coordinator  
Environment and Sustainable Infrstructure