Mrs. Attiya Nawazish Ali

Mrs. Attiya Nawazish Ali has been working in the Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (ICCIA) {an affiliated Institution of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)} since its establishment in 1980 in the General Secretariat Headquarters, in Karachi – Pakistan.


She has been working with the private sector of 57 OIC Member Countries, on projects that facilitate economic cooperation through trade and investment. Taking into consideration the socio-economic environment of the OIC Countries, she focuses on capacity building, poverty alleviation, marketing and managing skills, value-addition, value-chain, agribusiness, gender development, economic empowerment, Small & Medium Enterprises, microfinance, developing Entrepreneurship through E-commerce, particularly in women & youth, transferring of knowledge & expertise. These programmes are held by organizing workshops, seminars and training programmes. Additionally, she worked on the grass-root levels in Pakistan to upgrade the skills of start-ups, so as to enable them to compete in the international market. She is currently working on establishing incubators for women-led enterprises.


She has also worked with the General Secretariat of the OIC and other related institutions on the OIC Plan of Action for the Advancement of Women (OPAAW), which calls, to improve and sustain women’s right in the Muslim World, addressing the Member States to strengthen laws to empower the women specially in the economic, social and cultural sectors.


As a representative of the Private Sector organization, she is also working on creating awareness on the importance of green technology to be a part of a business.


In addition, she has also been undertaking programmes and activities, aimed at implementing the various sectors of the OIC-2025: Programme of Action, particularly in promoting the level of Intra Islamic Trade and to strengthen the Public Private Partnership. She propagates the concept of involving the youth, by developing relevant curriculum in the educational institutions which could prepare and guide them to build their future and thereby contribute to self-reliance. In addition, she also believes that women are achievers and history is replete with such success stories. Therefore, special focus is also given to developing programmes, which would give more impetus to the efforts taken by women. In this context, the 7th Ministerial Conference on Women’s Role in the Development of OIC Member States held November 2018 in Burkina Faso has accepted the proposal of ICCIA to replicate the establishment of the Family Bank in Sudan, to other Countries, so as to meet the financial concerns of the women.


She represents Islamic Chamber at numerous international events and brings with her a rich experience of the private sector of the OIC Countries.  She works closely with some of the UN Agencies, such as UNDP, UNOSSC, PGTF and other International Organizations and Associations working in similar fields, aiming at South-South Cooperation for achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).