Mr.Mahmoud AlBurai

Mahmoud AlBurai is currently serving as the CEO of Dubai Real estate Institute.
He is the Vice President of International real estate federation, FIABCI Arabic Countries since 2016 and sits on the board of International Real estate Society (IRES).
Mahmoud has been selected to be FIABCI representative at the United Nations Economic Commission for West Asia (UNESCWA) and UNECE (Geneva).
He is also the Chairman of UN Global Compact UAE since 2015 and represent MENA region in UN Global Compact advisory board since two years.
In his role as UN Global Compact MENA representative led many SDG’s driven initiatives.
He started youth ambassadors programs in seven UAE universities recruiting over 150 youth, train them to help businesses become more sustainable.
He also led establishing Women empowerment principles platform in the UAE with 60 companies signing on WEPs commitment. To promote SDGs among business, Mahmoud launched SDGs pioneers UAE celebrating SDGs success stories of private and government organizations.
Recently Mahmoud established his Think Tank in Geneva under the name of Middle East Sustainable Development Institute to lobby governments, businesses and communities to action on SDGs in the Middle East.
His mail role is to lobby private sector in the region to be actively involved in SDGs, during his presidency, UAE local network became the fastest growing network internationally. Moreover, Mahmoud leads the affordable Housing working-group at World Economic Forum.
Prior to his position in Dubai Real estate Institute, Mahmoud worked as Senior Director of Real estate Sector development at Real estate Regulatory Authority of Dubai and few years as a Development Associate Manager at Dubai holding.
Mahmoud completed his bachelor’s degree in engineering at the American University before continuing on to earn his Master’s in Real Estate from National University of Singapore .
Mahmoud completed his MBA in Finance from his alma mater, American University of Dubai in 2010.
He is nowpursuing his Master of Cities at London School of Economics and Political Science(LSE) and DBA at Grenoble ecole de management in France.