Mr.Hassan Moustafa

Hassan Mostafa founded CSR Egypt Company in 2014 to be the first private sector company in Egypt specialized in Corporate Social Responsibility activities and services. The company started its business by launching the first Egypt CSR Forum in 2015, which is held annually to the present time.

In addition to that, the company also launched a news portal specialized in CSR activities in Egypt.

Hassan started his career back in 1999 in marketing, advertising and PR consultations sector. During this period and till 2011, he worked in several media organizations and marketing agencies.

In 2012, he founded IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) for public relations and communications, where he was the Chairman & CEO till 2015.

In 2015, he founded POD Egypt for public relations where he held the position of Chairman & CEO till 2016.

Hassan graduated from the Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University in 2000 with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Advertising. He holds a diploma in the Art of Advertising and Public Relations from the Faculty of Mass Communication, along with a Professional Marketing diploma from RITI, a Professional Marketing certificate, certified from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, and a Certificate in Sales and Service Excellence – University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

Hassan also holds other certificates from numerous courses and workshops that he attended with worldwide experts such as the Marketing Seminar with Philip Kotler and Peter Fisk, Rules of Digital Marketing course with David Meerman Scott, Mind Mapping course with Tony Buzan, “What is next in marketing” with Philip Kotler, the Leadership Boot Camp with Stephen Covey and Andrew Grant, “Next Generation Strategy” course with Michael Porter – Costas Markides – Roger Martin – Jeroen Flander, as well as attending the First and Second Digital Marketing Arts Conferences and World Business Forums.