Dr.Salah El Haggar.


Dr. El-Haggar’s has more than 30 years’ experience in Energy and Sustainable
Development Consulting and University teaching. Dr El-Haggar has been a visiting
professor at Washington State University and at University of Idaho, U.S.A. He is
presently the professor of Energy and Sustainable Development – Mechanical
Engineering Department at the American University in Cairo as well as president and
co-founder of Egypt Green Building Council.
Dr. El-Haggar’s has 24 Academic Honors, grants and awards. Dr. El-Haggar received
the outstanding teaching award from AUC in 1995 as well as a number of outstanding
trustees’ awards. In 2009, Dr. El-Haggar received excellence in Research and creative
endeavour award from AUC. In 2012, Dr. El-Haggar received Provost Award in
recognition of the innovations in Environmental science and engineering as well as
distinguished service award of 25 years of services at AUC. In addition Dr. Haggar
has 230 Scientific Publications in Environmental, Sustainable Development and
Energy Fields, 53 invited presentation, 57 technical report, 15 books, 5 Book chapter.