Dr. Ali Abo Sena.


Mr Ali Abo Sena has more than 20 years of outstanding experience in working for private
sector and managing projects in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy
application, environmental management and assessment , eco-industrial parks, resource
efficiency and cleaner production, green entrepreneurship, eco-innovation and cleaner
technology transfer.
He has been leading the process of design, formulation and implementation of several
programmes/projects mainly on resource efficiency and cleaner production with different
donors and international development agencies such as UNIDO, IFC, World Bank, African
Development Bank (AfDB), European Commission, African Union (AU), GEF, USAID,
Mr Abo Sena has been working as director of UNIDO- Egypt National Cleaner Production
Centre (ENCPC) at the Ministry of Trade and Industry until December 2018 and secretary for
the UNIDO/UNEP Global Network for Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production
He is currently leading a newly established Bio-energy association at the ministry of
environment which was set up by the ministry of environment through a prime-ministerial
decree as an independent agency for promoting biomass technologies in Egypt.