The 3rd Egypt Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Forum


The 3rd CSR Forum in Egypt 2017 will be held in May 2017, in light of the government’s commitment to achieve comprehensive and sustainable development in Egypt. This is in addition to the private sector’s eagerness to support the community.

The aim of the forum is to unite the public and private sectors’ efforts with civil society organizations and work side by side on achieving the desired objectives of this program to ensure sustainability.

During the forum, the government will present its plans and discuss means of cooperation with the private sector and civil society institutions to find mutually agreed solutions and a clear vision, around which all efforts will be united.

Through its sessions, the forum will put forth ideas to create a clear vision of the state’s economic program to achieve sustainable development and the state’s vision of 2030.

This is in addition to putting forth solutions on how to utilize the available resources to achieve an impact that can be felt by both the citizen and the community.

The forum also aims to develop a vision and solutions for reducing the budget deficit through the private sector’s participation in supporting the state’s developmental projects.

The forum will also shed light on sustainable development engines and constraints whether they’re related to legislations and laws or making financial reforms or eliminating bureaucracy by having a plan upon which stakeholders and concerned authorities agree, in order to accelerate the implementation of its developmental objective.

The CSR Forum will review investment plans across Egyptian governorates, and the mechanics of creating a sustainable village to be a role model for all Egyptian villages, and to develop standards to measure achievement rates and ensure a return on investment.

This year, the forum will provide an opportunity for companies and civil society organizations to present their experiences in achieving the developmental impact of sustainability.

The event this year is expected to gather more than 1,000 people, including representatives of companies and those with expertise in the field of social responsibility in order to exchange ideas and develop innovative solutions for the development, implementation and support of the state’s plans.