The 2nd Egypt Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Forum

The Second CSR Forum in Egypt is held with the purpose of unifying the efforts of the private sector and civil society organizations that have a goal to achieve in a specific time.Through creating a state of integration between corporate objectives, the government’s plans and the actual needs of the community development.

The Forum is committed to do a clear development in reality. It was agreed to unite all efforts in this year around the vision of developing the Egyptian human element to reach a ” Good Competitive Global Productive citizen” in the near future.Though we have a strategic plan to work on which aiming to promote education and health and provide an appropriate environment for the human element so he could carry out his tasks and increase his productivity. In Addition to work on creating the values and principles which will make him in internal peace , and which will be reflected in his level of performance and efficiency.

We released the importance of the participation of companies and the relevant authorities in achieving their strategy to have an impact development in the Egyptian society to reach sustainability.

The Forum includes the ideas and programs adopted by companies to achieve social responsibility and the development of the society as well as presenting government’s point of view regarding the social responsibility map to achieve the same goal.

The Forum targets more than 750 companies representatives and experts in the field of social responsibility in order to exchange ideas and submit innovative solutions to develop the society and fulfill their needs.