The Fourth CSR Forum in Egypt


CSR Egypt will organize its first forum on corporate social responsibility in Alexandria Governorate under a distinguished government patronage; the forum aims at creating a state of integration between the efforts of the government, private sector and civil society, in order to bring about real development in Egyptian governorates.

CSR Egypt organizes this forum out of its belief in the efforts exercised by all stakeholders to meet the country’s comprehensive development plan that aims at changing citizens’ lives to the better.

In its first round, the forum will shed light on the actual needs of the governorates of Alexandria, Beheira and Matrouh, the initiatives that have been implemented in these governorates, as well as the means of unifying stakeholders’ efforts.

Furthermore, the forum will highlight the role of private sector in supporting the unfinished projects, as well as discussing the balanced development between the different governorates and sustainable development strategies. It will also discuss mechanisms of bridging development gaps, making best use of the governorates’ competitive advantages and encouraging the private sector to develop more investment plans in various governorates.

The forum will also shed light on many other issues such as improving infrastructure, providing job opportunities in all Egyptian governorates and supporting entrepreneurs and SMEs owners.

The forum gathers more than 500 experts, businessmen, investors, heads of civil society organizations, and members of parliament and local administrations who are all interested in community and development work.