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The First CSR Forum in Egypt


The The First CSR Forum in Egypt held with the purpose of creating a state of integration between the goals of companies operating in the Egyptian market and the government’s plans to bring about development in society and achieve sustainability.

This comes through submitting ideas, evaluating the programs adopted by the companies in the field of community service as well as presenting the government’s side of the social responsibility map, which the country is shaping in order to accomplish development and sustainability.

This provides an abundant amount of information that will help the companies in developing their programs in order to reach their goals.

The Forum targets more than 500 companies’ representatives and experts in the field of social responsibility in order to exchange ideas and visions as well as to submit innovative solutions to develop the society and fulfill its needs.

This provides a comparative advantage for the companies’ employees to be acquainted with other points of view, exchange experience and learn about new strategies and different pioneering implementation mechanisms to achieve a handling strategy between the company and society and carry out development in its true form and meaning.

The CSR Forum is the first of its kind in Egypt to become the regular annual gathering between the government and companies concerned with developing the society in order to achieve sustainable development.


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