The First Arab Corporate Citizenship Forum will be held under the title “Eeffective partnerships towards sustainable growth” in the United Arab Emirates, in coordination with the Islamic Chamber Of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Emirates Businesswomen Council and the Economic Businesswomen Council/ Egyptian Chambers of Commerce, UNIDO Network of Investment and Technology Promotion offices (ITPO), Arab International Center for Entrepreneurship and Investment and with the participation of a number of businessmen, NGOs and government representatives.
The forum is a dynamic interactive platform, which will be held to strengthen ties and expand cooperation areas between the business community in the UAE and its counterpart in Egypt, to serve the vision of the UAE 2021-2030 and Egypt Vision 2030.
The forum will discuss the mechanisms of corporate citizenship, and how to turn companies to be responsible toward its communities and shareholders as well. This will ensure achieving sustainable and effective development, it also discuss the role of women entrepreneurs in changing the culture of their countries and the role of the empowerment of women and youth in achieving sustainable growth.
It will also discuss the role of entrepreneurship in the development of more industries and encourage the manufacture of local materials in the form of nal products, As well as increasing income and growth, providing more services and products and opening new markets. In addition to its role in encouraging the use of modern technology and reducing the activity of the informal economic sector.
The forum will also shed light on how to achieve effective partnerships. The partnership is one of the most important concepts that have become more widely discussed in the economic, agricultural, social, service and research fields.
The forum will also address the green economy and its impact on sustainable development, as well as discussing the impact of using new and renewable energies such as wind and solar energy in industry and investment, in order to achieve sustainable development, which is accompanied by clean and harmless environmental and social effects.